My Sky is an innovative IT platform that has been designed for private jet owners and their representatives.
Combining the power of Information technology, the logic of financial methodology and the expertise of a team of industry professionals, My Sky brings you the most innovative tool to manage, track and optimize all financial aspects linked to a private jet.
Our product is the missing link between industry players and owners, allowing to remove any questions and obscurities by using a simple four-step approach: Data collection - Data revision - Data comparison - Reporting.

Empowering jet owners and family offices

By providing full transparency, My Sky puts actual information in the right hands.

Having this information available at the tip of a finger allows owners and their representatives to take the right decisions to protect their interests and reduce their operational costs without compromising on security and service.

Making jet ownership easy and efficient

Using My Sky means having access to structured information and dynamic reporting through a user-friendly IT platform, available anywhere anytime on desktops, tablets and mobile. 

Adding transparency to the business aviation industry

My Sky simplifies the access to information by centralizing, standardizing and comparing aircraft cost data worldwide.

With My Sky you can leverage on the most comprehensive independent business aviation database, delivering unbiased information about third-party contractors and allowing a real-time comparison of your aircraft’s expenses compared to our averages.

Moreover, with My Sky you not only figure out your aircraft costs but also its financial performance on the market.

Optimizing operational and administrative expenses

With My Sky, owning a private jet is no longer synonymous with time and money consuming administrative tasks.

Combining our unique features allows you to be in full control of your assets and make the best decisions to optimize future costs while correcting past discrepancies, making sure your aircraft flies at its best hourly rate.

By outsourcing administrative tasks, the efficiency of the family office or assistant is maximized and the time and money allocated to managing the aircraft is reduced.