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Procurement optimization with Laser Precision


Optimise Procurement easily

Benchmark, compare, and select the best contract with full transparency on terms, conditions, and pricing, all with a single click. This tool offers fast and efficient partner selection, making the process seamless and straightforward.


Seemless request management

Requesting, tracking, and booking a service has never been easier: directly send requests for quotes and purchase orders from your interface, and easily manage and finalize bookings while maintaining a comprehensive overview of all services.


Efficient tankering across multiple locations

Optimize your fuel spend: use contracts and real-time market data to make the most of your flight schedule, increase your margin, and reduce your direct operating costs.


Analyze procurement transparently

Make better decisions in the future by better understanding the past: Procure gives you consolidated trend analysis of your spending history and helps you improve your overhaul efficiency.


Centralized contracts ledger

Procure has a dedicated ledger for all user contracts, ensuring safe storage and efficient management of vendor contracts.


Use MySky Procure to…

Fuel and handling contracts integration

… choose the best available contracts and monitor average market price

Order and RFQ management

… streamline procurement process and manage all orders and RFQs

Efficient tankering

… optimise fuelling process in each airport for multi-flight trips

Features and plans

  • Inputting contracts by MySky team
  • Contracts storage
  • Procurement optimisation advice
  • Price comparison across all contracts
  • Hidden charges detection
  • Benchmark prices vs Market
  • RFQ management
  • Purchase order management
  • Fuel tankering
  • Purchase order vs incoming invoice verification
  • Your contracted rates in flight PnL
  • Your contracted rates in budgets

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