• Responsibilities:

    - requesting prices and analysing invoices from service providers;

    - calculating final cost of a flight;

    - negotiating with counterparties (in English);

    - organizing, storing and inputting financial data into the system;

    - splitting invoice articles by categories and by cost items. 


    - analytical thinking;

    - experience with processing invoices from global providers, fluency in dealing with big numbers;

    - deep knowledge of Excel; 

    - responsibility and attentiveness to details;

    - experience in aviation, auditing and accounting is a priority. 

    Knowledge of the English language is appreciated. 

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  • Responsibilities: development of internal and client business-aviation system with React, Mobx, Flow, Stylus, Webpack and Babel.


    • strong JavaScript developer;
    • interest in our stack of technologies;
    • good with algorithms.

    Considered as advantages:

    • experience in React, Vue, Angular;
    • experience in Mobx, Redux;
    • experience in Flow, Typescript;
    • experience in automation tools, pre-processors, testing systems; 
    • knowledge of the English language.

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  • Job Description: Development of the server part of a sophisticated analytical product, API development. 


    - 3+ years of expereince in Django;

    - experience in API and REST API development;

    - experience in PostgreSQL.

    Considered as advantages:

    - experience in Protobuf/Thrift, Vagrant and git;

    - basic knowledge of Javascript;

    - knowledge of the English language. 

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  • Job duties: 

    - description of system interfaces and business processes, maintenance of project documentation; 

    - checking the logics of sub-systems interaction for the accuracy and compliance with the principles, on-the-go; 

    - close interaction with system developers and customers. 


    - higher technical education; 

    - knowledge of software development methodology; 

    - experience in developing project documentation; 

    - experience in leading development projects; 

    - team working. 

    Knowledge of the English language is appreciated. 

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