Putting you in command

When privately owning a jet, it is impossible for owners to have the full understanding of their cost structure, either due to a lack of transparency in the process or a lack of buying power. My Sky empowers owners and their representatives, giving them the tools to make the best decisions. By subscribing to My Sky, owners can outsource time consuming tasks and have access to the most advanced cost tracker and analyser on the market.

My Sky Solutions

My Sky offers a digital access to filtered, standardized and audited data through a user friendly digital interface, giving unparalleled level of information, reports and analysis.

Accounting digitization
Consolidated, coherent and analysable data to whom it matters
Dynamic reporting
Performance analysis and recommendations
Cost benchmarking
Accurate cost analysis and access to industry best practices
Charter analysis
Optimize charter margins and revenues
Multi ownership breakdown
Precisely allocating costs to different owners
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